Free Speech (a poem)

Get over it, 
she said.

Move on, 
he said.

It’s all in the past, 
The real Aborigines,
Our first Australians, 
they said.

Free car, 
Sit down money, 
Can’t handle the alcohol, 
he said.

You don’t look Aboriginal, 
Just obey the law, 
Wiped out the pygmies, 
they said.

Lifestyle choices, 
he said.

We’re all Australians,
Bucketloads of extinguishment,
We acknowledge the first settlers, 
she said.

I go back nine generations,
He fell forward through the doorway,
His liver was cleaved in half, 
they said.

Dope up the water,
He said.

We took the traditional lands and smashed the traditional way of life, 
he said.

Who made you thieves the voice of reason anyway?
we said

I’m not Australian. I’m Koori,
I said.